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Winstead's Window on DFW

Dallas-Ft. Worth
Winstead's Window on DFW

winstead andy dow

Winstead shareholder and attorneyAndy Dowlikes when obstacles are removed from his steady, determined path. Now that thepresidential election has passedandObamacare is well on its wayto reality, Andys runway is cleared for takeoff. Soon, people will know what the rules are and how to play by them. With that in mind, Andy predicts arobust 2013, with pent-up demandfrom those who had been sitting back and waiting for the Magic 8 Ball to say yes. That will keep his sleeves rolled up: he repshealthcare systems, developers and investors, giving advice on everything fromrent vs. own to allocation of capital.For more info on our sponsor, click here.

Correction: In yesterday's story about Behringer Harvard, we referred to REIT 1, but the update was about Multifamily REIT 1. However, REIT 1 (not Multifamily REIT 1) was the fund that becameself-managed.

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