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What's in a Name?

Dallas-Fort Worth
What's in a Name?
Brian Williamson and Chuck Lieser
Unlike Shakespeare's Juliet, who wanted to avoid her name, Weaver execs opted to embrace the one their clients and the CRE community gave them. Formerly known as Weaver and Tidwell, the CPA firm recently changed its moniker to Weaver, firm partners Brian Williamson  and Chuck Lieser  tell us. "We listened to our constituent base,” Chuck says. "They were already calling us that."
Chuck Lieser and Brian Williamson
Brian says the firm is also growing its footprint with three of its five statewide offices (Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin) recently relocating into larger spaces. The expansion is necessitated in part by the firm's growth outside of the traditional audit, accounting and tax work to help clients weather the economic storm as business consultants. Married to the “most interesting woman in the world,” Chuck is searching for a fish-finder that will fit on his kayak. Away from the office, Brian is co-president of his homeowners association, which is the size of a small city with 698 homes.