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Totally Twisted

Dallas-Fort Worth
Totally Twisted
Combine tasty burgers with a fun experience and you've got the formula used by Twisted Root Burger Co to open five restaurants. It now has two more sites leased and a spin-off concept with two additional locations.
Jason Boso
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today at the Twisted Root atSMU with chef/proprietor/reverend Jason Boso to join upscale burgers with a to-die-for homemade root beer. The chain's original location was Deep Ellum; that's also where Jason has started his second restaurant concept, Cowboy Chow (he's performed two weddings there). Today, both concepts make Roanoke home while Twisted Root is also in Richardson, the Village at Fairview, andleases have been signed for the Shoppes at Legacy and in downtown Arlington near UTA and stadiums.
Quincy Hart, Jason Boso, Leisa Weilde, George Terry and J.J. Pledger
We snapped Quincy Hart, Jason, GM Leisa Weilde, former bartender George Terry, and chief bean counter J.J. Pledger at the SMU Twisted Root. Fun fact: When you place your order, instead of getting a number, you draw a ?name? from a basket. In our Twisted Root visits, we've been Carol Brady, Urkel, Ferris Bueller, andAustin Powers. Jason says when he was ready to grow he had to ensure he had enough central management to maintain thatcustomer experience: ?I didn't want to expand until we had more hands with people that understand what we're trying to do.? He says the creation of the upscale burgers have been a little bit ahead of the curve (call it luck, genius or a mix of alcohol and a good time). Jason?s favorite burger? He likes the health benefits of the buffalo burger but totally digs the Chipotle burger with guacamole, cheddar, and fried onion strings.
J.J. Pledger
J.J. says he's working with investors and landlords (who are now wooing the restaurants). Getting investors on board was difficult at first, so Jason says he started with the customer experience, which gained publicity (including a profile on The Food Network?s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri). Now, that the money folks can see what he's done with a little location and limited resources, it's an easier sell and now he's turning down locations that didn't meet scratch. Jason says he's working with Dunhill Properties' Marcello Rosen to scout prospective locations. As a former business owner with restaurant experience, Marcello?s a valuable member of his team. Another note: J.J.?s favorite burger is the buffalo burger donewestern style with bacon, jalapenos, and onion strings.
Quincy Hart
Known for his star quality, Quincy joined Jason to help train staffers on providing top-notch customer service. We snapped Quincy in SMU?s Presidential Booth (note the chandelier): former President George W. Bush doesn't live too far away. A visit could happen, and when it does, he has his own space, Quincy says, and booths on both sides for the Secret Service. Our favorite Quincy contribution:Quincy's Grandpa's Secret Barbecue Sauce. The classically trained chef (even working at the Four Seasons for a few years) has translated his culinary skills into cooking ?good effing burgers? as well as their own sauce and pickle creations. ?All these things separate us from the good burger joint,? he says.