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To The OC!

Dallas-Fort Worth
To The OC!
Stream Realty Co-managing partner Lee Belland, here with SVP Liz Bayless

Earlier this year, Stream Realty opted not to simply dip its   toe in the water, but jump right in and start offices in two new markets—Orange County, CA,  and  Atlanta, GA. Co-managing partner Lee Belland here with SVP Liz Bayless, admits the move seems strange for a crummy market, but he says Stream wanted to take advantage of building owners looking for fresh, new ideas on how to keep properties fully occupied. Why those cities? Because that's where the top performers wanted to go, Lee says, and the key to success is good people. Currently, Stream Realty’s Dallas office is doing lots of receivership work, he adds.

Bronze temple lion from Thailand

The things you notice when leaving an interview: in the parking garage of 2200 Ross, a bronze temple lion from Thailand, circa 1820. We learned it's there to promote the Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection  of Asian Art, located in the nearby Crow Center. Perhaps it brings good luck: Lee says he spent the last three months coaching his son’s eighth-grade St. Rita Catholic School football team to the title.