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The Mustache of Appraisal

Dallas-Fort Worth
The Mustache of Appraisal
Joe W. Milkes, owner of Milkes Realty Valuation
We snapped our friend Joe W. Milkes, owner of Milkes Realty Valuation, after a recent chat. He offered up a Rolodex (that’s like Facebook friends on paper, for you young’uns) of potential contacts, while he talked about his appraisal and consulting business. Lately, he’s focused on bankruptcy—representing debtor or lender—on a variety of commercial properties nationwide. Why so many now? Loans are coming due, lenders don’t want to extend, sellers and potential buyers can’t agree on market value, and so on and so on (like that old shampoo commercial). When not chasing comps, he and his wife are involved with the Plano Symphony.

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