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Dallas-Ft. Worth
Hunt Consolidated’s Mike Pritchard and SunGard Availability Services’ Jim Macmicking flank Hunt Realty Investments’ Gene Sanger and TREC’s Michelle Corson.

The Real Estate Council hosted a fireside chat recently (FDR didn't show, but DFW was well represented) where members learned more about business continuity and disaster preparedness. Speakers Hunt Consolidated’s Mike Pritchard and SunGard Availability Services’ Jim Macmicking flank Hunt Realty Investments’ Gene Sanger and TREC’s Michelle Corson. Michelle was pleased the program “helped us realize that businesses need to have a plan ready because the inevitable may happen.”

Crowd at TREC event

Mike, who retired from the Secret Service after a 26-year career, says disaster training and having a plan are crucial for companies. He spoke of the Feb. 18 plane crash into IRS offices in Austin: “I would be interested to know what kind of plan they had because they were very effective in getting people out." He adds, "When you think you're about to die … your brain is searching for a solution just like a hard drive would on a computer. Your brain has to find that portion of your hard drive and do what you've been trained to do.”