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Dallas-Ft. Worth
Courtyard by Marriott's Janis Milham
Courtyard by Marriott brand manager Janis Milham (in the Kansas City South Courtyard) tells us the best place to reach her business traveler customers is the airport. Smaller-scale lobby replicas of the flag?s GoBoard touch-screen concierge (news, stocks, weather, restaurants, and local events) complete with bar/cafes and charging stations were installed in the Charlotte and Philly airports through August. Next: BaltimoreHouston, and Phoenix through November.
Courtyard monster board Courtyard has taken the Monster Board touchscreen technology to the airports with larger-than-life pinball games in the Seattle, San FranciscoAtlanta, Denver, and Mia. (Where do you put the quarters?) High scores each week go on Courtyard?s Facebook page, and 2,000 have posted pictures of themselves with their own scores. More than 42,000 have tried it out, and almost 20,000 have played all three turns to finish their games (a 48% rate  compared with a typical successful marketing campaign engagement rate of 10%).