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Someone's Lending?

Dallas-Fort Worth
Someone's Lending?
Westmount Realty Capital president Clifford Booth

Cancel your appearance on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader;there's other ways to get funding. Watching the credit markets dry up, Dallas-based Westmount Realty Capital  president Clifford Booth saw opportunities and spun off Westmount Structured Finance. Cliff tells us these are new first-lien mortgages, lending up to 75% of the LTV (at today’s values, of course). With a 9 to 11% interest rate, Cliff says Westmount has $250M  available for loans. In addition to lending, Westmount Foundation is launching a new program, Teams for Children, which pits real estate sports teams against one another, to benefit four children’s non-profits next May. Already a father of four, Clifford has another on the way.