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Dallas-Ft. Worth
Stephen Lacy and Tom Scott

Gone are the days of institutionalizing students (their parents may have to be locked up in straight jackets, though, when they get the tuition bills) with CMU walls and concrete-floored dorms. Most universities have replaced those projects with apartment-style student housing, three-story framed construction with outdoor corridors, says JQ principal Tom Scott (right, with fellow principalStephen Lucy). The biggest reason for the change is the cost-savings for the universities, he tells us. ?They're quicker to build with less up-front expense and more flexibility,? he says. These projects are plentiful, too, as college enrollment is up (especially at satellite campuses) driving the need for quick housing—start-to-finish takes about 18 months

Legends Hall

JQ has done two phases (totaling 168k SF of housing at a price tag of $26M) at Tarleton State University in Stephenville (Legends Hall, pictured). The first phase was a design-build, three-story wood frame construction and the second phase is under construction. Tom says universities are doing design-builds more to speed up the process. The contractors are often brought in with the design team to offer cost-saving tips during the process. Beyond building student housing (they don't call 'em dorms anymore), Tom likes to do woodworkingat home. He designs and builds furniture and is making a living room set for his home. He's already built a couple of cherry wood end tables—next is a coffee table and then an entertainment center.