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Dallas-Ft. Worth

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Todd McNeill, Scott Lynn and Sunny Sajnani
Leveling-off loan defaults bring a smile to Metropolitan Capital Advisors? Sunny Sajnani (don't you love when people live up to their names?), seated, whom we snapped with senior director Todd McNeill and principal Scott Lynn. Sunny says the number and aggregate volume of Dallas loans in special serving has actuallydecreased slightly. Coming up: Special servicers/bondholders are waking up and realizing their losses, and additional leases are being signed to bring loans out of special servicing.
Trepp chart
Sunny has hope that loans in special servicing will decrease even further. As new capital sources are rapidly becoming available, borrowers and investors are developing creative structures torecapitalize their properties. ?In the past 12 months, we have seen many transactions in the Metroplex and across the country that have gone from the distressed category in special servicing toperforming assets.? Sunny follows more than just special servicing trends, but now that football's over, he guesses he'll watch morebasketball. Hanging out with his buddies (occasionally talking business over dinner) are on the menu.