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Any company that wants to put a crane in the air should take note: The City of Dallas has implemented higher fees for buildingprojects, effective Jan. 18. So ... now.
Woodall Rodgers Park construction
We snapped this crane at Woodall Rodgers deck park, to be delivered in 2012. The Sustainable Development & Construction Department called for adjustments to the Building Inspection Enterprise Fund's fees. According to TEXO, economics in the building industry led revenue to fall 34%, even though customers decreased only 16%. That gap means the city is spending more than it's bringing in on building permits, certificates of occupancy, site and construction plan approval, researching development activity, and construction inspections. The city reduced staff in FY 09-10, leading to a sharp increase in customer complaints, longer turnaround time, and inaccessibility. The department is readjusting staffing and says the new fees are for cost recovery, not profit. Find PDFs listing all fees and changes here and here.
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