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Dallas-Fort Worth
Randy Thompson
Cushman & Wakefield of Texas rock star (and not just because he's drumming hard on that notepad) Randy Thompson handles 15k to 100k SF finish-outs for tenants that don't want to manage a movein Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, and Big D (his home base). He also recently handled a project in Cincinnati for Unilever. He says his work tempo is more allegro (that means fast) than adagio (the opposite of allegro) since corporate users are making real estate decisions now that the new Congress is in place.
Flying GTs
Randy?s also drumming his way into the hearts of co-eds and soccer moms alike as the coolest daddy-o around. He's a member of theFlying GTs along with his son, Jesse (front center), and another father-son duo, David and Charlie Gasmire. The cover band started jamming when the now 21-year-old boys (now pilots, hence the "Flying" part of the band name) were in high school. Now they playcollege parties, corporate events, and the occasional wedding. How does he do it all? ?This isn't rocket science, it's just rock 'n' roll!? Next CRE party they play, we're there.
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