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Dallas-Fort Worth
You'll never guess who your Bisnow Fort Worth-Dallas reporter (yes, we change it around when we go to FW) ran into on Thursday at the Petroleum Club downtown.
BOMA FW prez (Jacobs’) Scott Jones

President O'BOMA  himself. We know, without teleprompters, it's hard to believe it's really him, but that's how he was introduced. Further research revealed this to actually be Jacobs’ Scott Jones, prez of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Fort Worth. And since it was having its holiday fete and silent auction, it actually made perfect sense he was there. Scott kicked off the wreath auction before, similar to other presidents, managing to slip away before he could be cornered with questions.

Prescott Realty Group’s Carmen Snyder, Huff Partners Asset Services’s Renee Massey, and ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s Justin Tillery

Enjoying BOMA’s bash: Prescott Realty Group’s Carmen Snyder, Huff Partners Asset Services’s Renee Massey, and ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s Justin Tillery (who knows our founders, Mark and Elliott Bisnow, from his DC days). Carmen manages two office buildings, which are 97%  full, on Summit Avenue in Fort Worth. ThyssenKrupp recently upgraded and modernized the elevators for the city’s tallest building, the 40-story Burnett Plaza. (We know you know it's the tallest, but sometimes outsiders and Googlers read us.)

Zenith Roofing consultant Mane O’Dell and Trane Air Conditioner account manager Keith Glasby

Zenith Roofing consultant Marie O’Dell and Trane Air Conditioner's Keith Glasby look over silent auction items. Mane tells us Zenith has projects with the Cooper Clinic in Dallas as well as University Park. One of Keith’s biggest clients: Bass Performance Hall.

Aque Investment Group’s Becky Kinney and her husband, Cash America International’s J. Leo Kinney paused with RWA Intertech Commercial Flooring’s Cookie White and husband COO Russ White

Aque Investment Group’s Becky Kinney and her husband Leo, of Cash America International, paused with RWA Intertech Commercial Flooring’s Cookie White and husband COO Russ White. Russ and Cookie’s work can be seen throughout the new Cowboys Stadium, as well as Carter Burgess Plaza (home to the Petroleum Club).