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Our Creative Office Survey Says...

Dallas-Ft. Worth
Creative office space isn't too far behind the How I Met Your Mother finale on the buzzometer. And just like the TV show, not everyone is happy about it.

We surveyed 563 Bisnow readers and found a surprising number of office traditionalists. "The distractions of being in an open environment are killing my productivity," lamented one respondent. (We'd feel guilty for pulling him away from work to take a survey, but it seems he was already inattentive.) Noise, lack of privacy, and reduced concentration were the chief complaints. But it's important to satisfy the needs of a new generation, others replied, so a mix of both collaborative and traditional space is a must. "Traditional office space can be stifling and dated, especially to those 35 and under," wrote another reader. To satisfy both, a former architect tells us the best design is offices around the core and work stations in the open perimeter.

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