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Dallas-Ft. Worth
For the first time since 1997, there was not a single day during ozone season in which the concentration reached a level considered unhealthy in DFW, according to the North Texas Clean Air  Steering Committee. If you know someone who cried after the game last night and blamed it on the air, cut 'em some slack, but don't believe 'em.
Fort Worth skyline
If we held our breath taking this pic  this morning, it was because of the beautiful rain-promising clouds over Fort Worth, not because our lungs needed us to. This year, there were fewer air pollution warning days than any other year. Despite the progress, the EPA proposed to change the region's classification from moderate to serious non-attainment of federal air-quality standards and is expected to take  final action next month. The North Texas Clean Air Steering Committee—led by Denton mayor Mark Burroughs  and Fort Worth city councilor Jungus Jordan—is exploring how to best reduce pollution. The steering committee will ID pollution-reduction recs for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the DFW section of the State Implementation Plan. Thankfully, no one?s holding their breath for an easy solution.