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Dallas-Fort Worth
Kimberly Lay, Kellie Davidson and Sharon Friedberg
In anticipation of hearing more about the Vision of North Texas (created in '04 by ULI, NTCOG, and UTA to raise awareness about expected growth), we caught up with Kimberly Lay, who recently moved to Hudson Peters. She's with Coppermark Bank’s Kellie Davidson and Bradford’s Sharon Friedberg at the Dallas CREW meeting Wednesday at the Park City Club. You’ve seen Kimberly and Sharon many times in our deal sheets, but get ready to hear more about Coppermark Bank: it just signed on as a sponsor our our Feb. 17 Healthcare Real Estate Summit 2011. (If you haven't signed up yet, here's your chance.)
Karen Walz
We snapped Strategic Community Solutions principal Karen Walz, who says the Vision of North Texas goes beyond the business as usual outlook (congested highways and urban sprawl) to planning ahead for something better. And it serves as a forum to build support for initiatives that create a sustainable vision for North Texas. A regional gamebook called North Texas 2050 was created (light reading) with research and info you can use when making investment decisions. “There’s no one answer,” Karen says in regards to improving North Texas. “It depends on individual decisions people make. But if we work together, we have a great chance to do that."