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Bass Performance Hall

In a bit of a tease, the folks at Sundance Square dangled a carrot in front of us Friday with confirmation that the Bass folks are ?undertaking concept and feasibility studies for a long-awaited plaza development in the center of Fort Worth's Sundance Square.? That means they've started the process to add two or three more buildings. In recent weeks, Sundance Square selected Gideon Toal, known for its urban design, as the architect of record to lead the way through the concept and feasibility phase. David M. Schwarz Architectural Services, the master-plan architect for Sundance Square since '89, is the project designer. It also designed The Carnegie in Sundance Square and the Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall (which we snapped earlier this year).

Johnny Campbell

Sundance Square CEO Johnny Campbell says additional studies are in the works as a result of the market's positive outlook and office and retail demand in Sundance Square. One potential site is between Houston and Commerce streets, bound by 3rd and 4th streets (currently two surface parking lots). Another possiblity: a parking lot at the corner of 3rd and Throckmorton. The Projects Group of Fort Worth has been named project manager.