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South Texas Union Pacific Railroad plans
At approximately all the live long day, McCarthy Building Cos started construction on an almost $25M relo of a South Texas Union Pacific Railroad line, Texas Division prez Mike McWay tells us. McCarthy will build about six miles of new railroad, a rail bridge extending across the US-Mexico border, and a small Homeland Security Building (map pictured). Currently, the the Union Pacific line runs through downtown Brownsville, creating disruptions and potentially dangerous conditions for residents. The project will relocate this existing line outside the city, reconstructing the railway from the US Route 77/83 rail junction to a switching yard to the west and then south to the Rio Grande River. It's slated for completion early 2012.
Mike McWay
Mike (pictured) tells us this project allows McCarthy to use some of the skills it's perfected over the years in building rail lines as well as scheduling and coordination. The Texas Division's other rail projects in the region include a two-phase rail conversion project for DART. This fall, it completed a grade separation and constructed a bridge to divide an at-grade, single-line rail into two elevated lines for the Trinity Railway Express. The project heavily reduced traffic conflicts between train and automobile traffic at three key intersections in Irving.