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Dallas-Ft. Worth
Pam Perkins
If Pam Perkins has her way, our headline means more business for her company. We snapped the Healthcare Realty senior director of leasing (she was its first Dallas employee in 2003) in a space she filled at Baylor Medical Pavilion a couple of weeks ago during its finish-out. Pam, who oversees leasing of HR's 2.2M SF Metroplex portfolio (across 29 buildings), tells us that hospital systems have focused on taking healthcare to the people in recent years. Factor in healthcare legislation (not to mention aging Baby Boomers), and there are expectations that more people will be seeing doctors, which translates to more medical space. The development of Pavilion I at Baylor Plano was the first venture into the DFW market, with HR developing the MOB along side the new hospital. Since her first assignment and the fear of leasing herself out of a job, HR has developed four new MOBs on the Baylor Dallas, Garland, Irving, and All Saints campuses and purchased 25 properties with the most recent being the acquisitions of The Pyramids at Park Lane andBaylor Medical Center at Frisco.
Baylor Medical Pavilion
Healthcare Realty develops, owns, manages, leases, and maintains all of their properties in-house, which Pam says helps promote and instill exemplary service to all of their tenants and patient guests. "Working for the owner allows decisions to be made quickly and because the Dallas portfolio has no debt, we don't have to go to a lender for permission to do anything." Also, she says, strength in ownership is a tremendous value in today's economic climate. "It gives us a lot of flexibility in our leasing abilities," she adds. When Pam and her husband have the time, they love to travel to their vacation home in Steamboat Springs where they hike and snowshoe across the mountains and end their day in the hot tub.