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MEET OUR SPONSOR: Camelot Facility Services

Dallas-Ft. Worth
MEET OUR SPONSOR: Camelot Facility Services
Brian Lillard
Senior VP Brian Lillard and the knights at Camelot Facility Services (sorry, we had to) have vowed to protect your castles (if your castles are office buildings or healthcare properties). The national facility management firm has more than 10 years of exceptional service. Major clients include Texas Health Resources, Visa International, and Experian Credit Solutions, but their recent charge is supporting healthcare properties. Changes in that industry have promoted growth, and providers are building more non-campus facilities to expand their network and services. Camelot provides essential services for these providers, everything from property management to operations and maintenance. ?We take care of our client's facilities so that they can take care of the patient,? says Brian. Find more on Camelot Facility Services here.