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Corgan PM Karen Farmer with Whitney Ness

Known for thinking outside of the box, Corgan PM Karen Farmer (in a before shot) decided to sacrifice her hair to help cover medical expenses for her friend Whitney Ness, diagnosed with lymphoma in September. Karen collected $25 donations for the opportunity to cut off a portion of her hair. Between colleagues, clients, contractors, and consultants, Karen collected almost $5,000 last week. On Nov. 6, a hair cutting ceremony was part of Corgan’s Friday Forum meeting. After 26 ponytails of Karen’s hair were cut, Whitney lopped off the final rubberband of hair.

Corgan prez David Lind shaves Karen Farmer's head for charity

Corgan prez David Lind took care of the rest. Karen says she knew donations would roll in at the chance to get their hands on this architect’s head. Whitney was shocked and touched, but Karen says she couldn’t let her do this alone. Although, she did acknowledge that she won’t be leaving the house without makeup and earrings for a while. Next time you get a bad haircut, you can always feel better by watching this video of Karen’s new do.

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