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Light Reading
TitleVest's David Baron, Robert Buzard, and Brian Tormey
Imagine having to read a document the size of phone book—that's what parties involved in the  title insurance review process once faced (and sometimes still do). Title agency TitleVest,  which has an office in Dallas, has come up with a new technology called Interactive Online Report (IOR) to streamline the title review process, so our NY reporter dropped by its NYC offices to check it out. Here, David BaronRobert Buzard, and Brian Tormey show us the application on the iPad—even though it was originally conceived for desktop and laptops, it fit perfectly on the hot new product. (Crain's New York Business reported that NYC wants to make the iPad "the new clipboard" for inspectors and other city field workers.)
David Baron
David compares the thinness of the iPad  to the ream-sized traditional report. Now, attorneys are able to view reports in the same manner as if they were working with a printed document. Features: search function, being able to magnify small print, view docs horizontally or vertically, track revisions with e-mail notifications, schedule closings, and order transfer tax and 1099 forms. You can log-in to IOR anywhere, from the golf course  to  bed. Post-closing, the site sends recordation confirmation of all closing documents and archives policy copies. If you're in the attorney's seat, it's a no-brainer if you want to find something quick, Brian says (and also for clients who pay their attorney by the hour).