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LBJ submarket survey results: You really like it!

Dallas-Ft. Worth
LBJ submarket survey results: You really like it!

dave wheeler

We asked if you thought the LBJ submarket will recover when the road construction is done. Out of 86 responses, only five of you werent hopping on the LBJ submarket bandwagon. (Maybe those last five just don't like bandwagons, preferring to walk.) Hartman Income REIT EVP of acquisitions and finance Dave Wheeler says it will take some time to fully catch up, like the rebound in the Central Expressway corridor in the '90s. Of course Dave would feel positive, as Hartman owns multiple properties along LBJ.

LBJ express

The excavation of the TEXpress Lanes at Preston and LBJ a few weeks ago. Below are a few of your comments:

"The demographics and limited new development space all but assure a rebound in all but a few niche marketplaces that have other deleterious factors already at work."

"The LBJ Corridor is similar to the North Central Expressway project because the ingress/egress issues, but better than the High Five, whichcreated serious access issues in the immediate vicinity. My office was located at 8111 LBJ and unless you knew where the building was located, it was difficult to find. LBJ will recover," says ASC Properties owner/broker Howard Zielke.

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