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Keeping DFW's Head Up

Dallas-Fort Worth
Keeping DFW's Head Up
Dallas Regional Chamber's Business Information and Research VP Duane Dankesreiter
The current economic conditions are good news, bad news, according to Dallas Regional Chamber's VP Duane Dankesreiter, who spoke at the Appraisal Institute North Texas Chapter yesterday at Prestonwood Country Club. DFW has 8.3% unemployment, but still fares better than the rest of the country with the exception of the DC area (government is growing along with regulations). It's not where he'd like it to be, but he's seeing signs of improvement. In economic rankings, DFW is the sixth largest metropolitan area in GDP behind New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and DC.
Appraisal Institute North Texas Chapter
Last July, The Economist compared business climates in Texas and California (we knew who won this battle before we were told) with Texas on top largely because of six main selling pointscentral location and access; transportation infrastructure; low cost of living and doing business; pleasant climatediverse economy; and critical mass in major sectors. DFW Airport alone “is our downtown,” Duane says. DFW selling points: flights can reach any major city in the continental US in less than four hours. Daily, DFW has 39 flights to LA, 27 to DC, and 30 to NYC; and the airport is undergoing a major terminal renovation project, too.