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Hines Towers in Big D

Dallas-Fort Worth
Hines Towers in Big D
If you squint, you can probably see Hines SVP Clayton Elliott and VP Rob Witte through the window of Chase Tower below. The Hines REIT-owned building is the company’s new home and one of several (including One Victory ParkTwo MacArthur, and CityMark) that Hines owns or manages in its 3.5M SF Dallas portfolio.
Chase Tower

Rob recently completed pre-development and is now marketing the Carillion mixed-use project in Southlake. He tells us the Carillon's residential side has 100 lots under letter of intent. As for the city's office side, Clayton says he hears that a dozen 100k SF lease deals may be in the works.

Hines SVP Clayton Elliott and VP Rob Witte

Clayton, left, just returned from his honeymoon to Greece and Istanbul about three weeks ago. His wife is a private chef, and he catered to her (pun intended) with a trip to a spice bazaar, bringing back $120 of pure Iranian saffron at a cost of $40 per gram. Rob's a UT fan and season ticket holder. Good thing Austin is his favorite city since he's spending so much time there.

Hines Towers in Big D

Hines Las Colinas is down to 18 unused acres; it started with 600; Clayton tells us this growth has been typical even in the down market. (Our takeaway: Lakes that look like two dolphins kissing are counter-cyclical.) Through the end of October, sales have been about $20 million with under 170 residential lots left, which Clayton attributes to location and health in the housing market locally. The three builders are buying lots one at a time when they sell them.