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Going Natural

Dallas-Ft. Worth
Going Natural
Josh Tingler
Encouraging multifamily developers to make the natural choice for their next property, CenterPoint Energy senior marketing rep Josh Tingler told our Houston reporter the company has a Gas Advantage Multi-Family Program to encourage developers to use natural gas for water heating instead of electricity. Electric is cheaper to install initially, but he says natural gas water heaters provide more hot watercost less to operate, and are more sustainable (a 250-unit property featuring natural gas water heating can also reduce CO2 emissions by more than 419 metric tons compared to electric water heaters). That's a big draw to residents and can set a complex apart in the market, Josh says.
CenterPoint Energy Plaza in Houston
Above, CenterPoint  Energy Plaza in Houston's CBD. The seven-year-old program only applies to new construction— developers submit a site plan and CenterPoint Energy determines incentives to help offset the cost of installing natural gas based on how far it would have to extend its lines and how much infrastructure it would have to include. The developer must also agree to install a year-round natural gas appliance and pipe each unit for individual metering. Josh recognizes that developers are all about the bottom line, but says with this program, it should cost about the same to install gas water heating as electric. It also means more electricity is left in the city's power grid. Josh says the program is blossoming as residents are becoming more environmentally conscious.