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GRS Group's New Biz Development Director

Dallas-Ft. Worth
GRS Group's New Biz Development Director

Grs group

TheGRSGroup warmly welcomesSuzette Hindsto the prestigious commercial real estate services company. This is just in time forits expansioninto Dallas, with Suzette heading up the title operations in the new office. Shes originally from Arkansas and cut her teeth as a courtroom attorney. Eventually, she was wooed away by the glamor and intrigue of the real estate transaction side, working in the land title insurance biz. She learned underwriting and closing from the ground up, and her lawyering skills helped her to resolve the most complicated title issues. Now, with the title ofescrow officer and business development director, Suzette says that her focus is onGRSGroup clients, offering themthe most current policies and endorsements available. For more info on our sponsor, clickhere.