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G.L. Seaman’s Mary Miano: On Workplace Revolution

Dallas-Fort Worth

G.L. Seaman & Co (GLSC) “DIRTT Champion” Mary Miano (here with son Aidan) says the workplace solutions company has been revolutionizing modular interiors for 30 years. Must be: It’s the area’s premier DIRTT dealer providing modular architectural interiors to clients like Cushman & Wakefield and KDC. Mary finds that clients want their offices to be agile and easily updated as business models change and expand. Housing technology in walls is also critical. A notable DIRTT by G.L. Seaman project is Heady Investments' Headquarters One in Plano, standardized on DIRTT modular construction. The owner leads that charge by investing in modularity and agility up front. As needs change and leases turn, the product can be reused and reimagined. A move to a larger space or different floor is easily done. Heady’s HQ1 is a great example of how an entire building can be agile. For more info on our sponsor, click here.

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