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Ethics in Tarrant

Dallas-Fort Worth
Ethics in Tarrant
Glen Hahn holds Casa Manana sign

Working in an industry not always known to be the easiest to deal with, Glen Hahn CEO of Fort Worth-based Innovative Developers Inc. got a pleasant surprise with a company win in the Greater Tarrant Business Ethics Awards earlier this month. Glen tells us transparency and playing straight with customers keeps clients coming back. Keeping his wife, Janet, happy, too, Glen serves on a number of non-profit boards including the Casa Manana theater board, which is one of Janet’s passions.

Texas Wesleyan Universit's Dillow House

Currently, Glen is working on a proposal to help Texas Wesleyan University renovate   the  historic Dillow House  on campus.  Now vacant, it was built in the 1930s, and the university hopes to restore it and explore redevelopment opportunities. Coming up with potential uses for the building isn’t easy as the historic status and goals of the university encourage only a small percentage of alteration to the exterior. (Note: that's 1930s A.D., not B.C., so frats using it for toga parties, claiming "historical re-enactments," will be rebuffed.)