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Developers Seek Public Input On Iconic Alamo Plaza Sign

Dallas-Fort Worth
Developers Seek Public Input On Iconic Alamo Plaza Sign

Alamo plaza

Does this sign belong in your living room? The folks at Sylvan | Thirty are turning to the community to help brainstorm on the iconic Alamo Plaza sign sitting on the construction site's north end. It's a beloved visual treasure to many in the area, so the developers would like to give it a special home. They welcome ideas,from repurposing to moving it somewhere else in West Dallas or even donating it; nothing is off the table and all submitted ideas will be considered. Local community members, artists, and Sylvan | Thirtys development team will select the top entries and then put them up to a publicvote. The top options will be pursued in order of popularity, until a viable solution has been reached. Email your ideas by April 1

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