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Designing Women

Dallas-Fort Worth
Designing Women
Faulkner Design Group, CEO Adrienne Faulkner

The design industry has changed in recent years, according to hands-on leader at Faulkner Design Group, CEO Adrienne Faulkner. One trend she’s noticed is the fusion of hospitality and wellness. Investors are tentative and want that ROI. Renters are looking more toward thrift and energy efficiency replacing luxury. Amenities are more important than the style, too, as more people are staying home instead of traveling, she added. But, as always, she still wants people to fall in love when they enter a room she’s designed. She worked her most recent magic on the Omni Residences in Fort Worth.

Faulkner Design Group Design Director Ann Mueller and Adrienne Faulkner

Design Director Ann Mueller and Adrienne have worked together for about a dozen years. Off the clock, Ann can be found working in the garden. Adrienne is a self-proclaimed movie junkie, serving on the board for the Dallas Film Society, which hosts the annual Dallas International Film Festival. She also makes an annual trek to Sundance. But, don’t you dare stick your hand in her popcorn: "I don’t share."