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Have you heard of a charrette? The dictionary says it’s from the root of “chariot,” evoking rapidly spinning wheels. In reality, it’s a period of intense design, like the annual Design Fellowship  HKS hosted recently, uniting 10 designers from HKS Dallas, Detroit, London, Mexico City, and Orlando offices.
Thom Chuparkoff leads the talk at an HKS event, with Alison Vaughn, Ruel Mendoza and Simon Grayson.

Thom Chuparkoff leads a talk, with Alison VaughnRuel Mendoza, and Simon Grayson. The design challenge was two-fold. First, compose a master plan for the Bonton neighborhood of South Dallas, using efforts of the city of Dallas, Habitat for Humanity, and BC Workshop to encourage private investment   and diversity. Sara Sepanski from HKS Dallas says Habitat’s investment in South Dallas is showing positive results because of the increased sense of pride that comes with owning a home.


Part II: consider a new housing typology to accommodate three different family structures during its lifetime. (No, Sopranos, Jeffersons, and Bunkers are not recognized family structures.) The fellows addressed the need for community, and future dwellings that address economic and environmental sustainabilityNick Hudyma from the HKS Detroit office says the event showed that quality design thinking can benefit all, not just the privileged.