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Calling All Sports Fans

Dallas-Ft. Worth
Calling All Sports Fans

bob aisner red sox

Hey, you! Yeah, you. The one in the Spurs shirt or the guy wearing his A&M 12thMan t-shirt to see Johnny Football. We want to see who has the most team spirit (and who gets the best seats). We already know that Behringer Harvard CEOBob Aisner is a big-time Red Sox fan. (Heres a shot we snagged a few years ago in his office. And this is only part of the collection.)Send your best pics to us how much you love your team and how you show it.

Whats your favorite baseball movie? We have many: Bull Durham, Major League, The Sand Lot, and A League of Their Own. We know, we know. The Natural, Field of Dreams, and the original Bad News Bears are up there, too.