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Dallas-Ft. Worth
Goodwill development VP Diane Fullingim, Leadership Corgan project chairwoman Catherine Richey, Corgan pres Bob Morris, Goodwill prez Rod Ginther and Corgan director of corporate affairs and model Alexa Spears.
Decked out in second-hand clothing (they're fashionable in all attire), Corgan staffers hit the catwalk for the   Goodwill fashion show, to promote the “Downtown Hand Me Down” event, with a goal of gathering 10,000 lbs. of clothing and household goods. Leadership Corgan, which ran the event, is a group within the company dedicated to honing leadership skills and community involvement. Pictured are Goodwill development VP Diane Fullingim, Leadership Corgan project chairwoman Catherine Richey, Corgan prez Bob Morris, Goodwill prez Rod Ginther, and Corgan director of corporate affairs (and model) Alexa Spears.
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