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Kass Prince
You know Genghis Khan as the Mongolian emperor who built the world's largest land empire in history, but as an Irving resident? He's here till Sept. 30 at the 97k SF city's Irving Arts Center. (We hope he's planning to pay property taxes.) Never heard of it? You're not alone. About 80% of the people who've gone to see the traveling exhibit since it arrived on June 1 say it's their first visit to the venue, the center's Kass Prince tells us. The exhibit is the first time the center has hosted an event of this caliber (and one that's charged admission) and the results have meant great exposure for the center, Kass says.
Irving Arts Center
Some 45,000 tickets have been sold to date, with 5,000 more anticipated before the exhibit departs Sept. 30. About 15,000 students will come through this month alone. Kass says the center will market Smithsonian Museum Day on Sept. 24 with free tickets (gotta get those early online), free movie screenings, and free craft projects. Beyond Genghis Khan, the IAC has exhibits year-round: on Dec. 2, a special  holiday event  includes a Christmas Carolperformance and related exhibits, Kass says.
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