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Art for the Heart

Dallas-Fort Worth
Art for the Heart
Evan, Beth, Benjamin and Hannah Delagi volunteering at UT-Dallas

The HKS Healthcare Interiors Studio worked with The United Way and the Callier Center for Communication Disorders at the University of Texas  at Dallas to brighten the neutral white interior of the 1960s facility. United Way Tocqueville Society members and their families—above, Evan, Beth, Benjamin, and Hannah Delagi— contributed manpower as part of a recent Family Volunteer Day.

Tybia Williams and Sean McDonnough volunteering at UT-Dallas

We pried Tybia Williams from his handiwork to join Sean McDonnough. HKS’ Michael Ufer says the artwork was designed based on the five senses, with a focus on hearing. He says HKS created the canvases and, in one afternoon, volunteers turned ideas into reality, painting 16 canvases and transforming a wall into a sound wave.

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