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Details On The Dallas To Houston High-Speed Rail


The US is the last First World country to have high-speed rail, but that’s set to change as the bullet train between Dallas and Houston moves into development. Texas Central Partners managing director Holly Reed gave attendees of Bisnow’s Downtown Dallas event an update on the impactful-yet-contentious project, which her company is building.

1)  It will travel 200 mph, so you can get between Dallas and Houston in 90 minutes.
2)  Trains with 400 seats will depart every 30 minutes.
3)  There will be three stops: one in Dallas, one in Grimes County for Texas A&M, and one in Houston.
4)  In Dallas, the station will be in the Cedars neighborhood, but an exact location hasn’t selected between two (very close) sites.
5)  It’s a private project by Texas Central, and will pay taxes.
6)  Ticket price will be variable based on demand; Texas Central isn’t making estimates yet.
7)  $75M was raised last year from Texas families and individuals to move into the development phase. A partner is handling $130M of engineering and pre-development work.
8)  Texas Central is one-third of the way through the environmental impact study. It’s also writing operating and safety rules and nailing down the route. An environmental study is analyzing the final option now and selecting the path through the middle few counties.