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Apartment Rent Is Too Dang High In Dallas. What Will The Big D Mayoral Candidates Do About It?

As Election Day nears, nine candidates are left in the race for Dallas' mayor. Whoever wins, their role in shaping commercial real estate development is undeniable, and residents will particularly be watching how the new mayor addresses housing and affordability.


From South Dallas to Northwest Dallas, city residents remain vocal about having access to affordable housing as multifamily rents rise across DFW and developers combat escalating development costs that influence what they can realistically build. 

At the same time, candidates are dealing with a skeptical public that has grown wary of scandals emanating from city halls in the Metroplex and across the state when politicians get too close to developers and cross ethical lines. 

The next mayor will have to balance the need to absorb insightful market intelligence from the commercial real estate community while maintaining clear ethical boundaries. 

With Dallas aiming to build up its next-generation workforce and attract corporate relocations to the city, the winner of the race faces a series of daunting tasks ahead. 

Bisnow will host five of the mayoral candidates during a panel discussion on multifamily housing and planning and zoning at the Bisnow Multifamily Annual Conference DFW on May 2, two days before the election.

We asked all of the Dallas mayoral candidates their specific plans for commercial development, engagement with the CRE community and overall vision for Dallas. 

The following candidates provided responses to Bisnow (click to read their Q&As):

1. Lynn McBee

2. Mike Ablon

3. Regina Montoya

4. Albert Black

5. Scott Griggs

6. Miguel Solis

7. Alyson Kennedy

The remaining candidates are Jason Villalba and Eric Johnson. 

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