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Noah Ackerman

Event Producer, Philadelphia & Midwest

A Philadelphia native, Noah graduated from Penn State and decided to return to his roots in Philly. Noah is a diehard Eagles and Sixers fan. During his internships in college, Noah developed a passion for commercial Real Estate and decided to join Bisnow. When not at work, you can find Noah hanging with friends, at the gym, or binge watching Netlfix.

Stephanie Augello

Event Coordinator

Stephanie grew up in a small town outside of Syracuse, NY. A recent graduate from SUNY Oneonta with a degree in Communication Studies, she has always dreamed of working and living in NYC. You can catch Stephanie traveling, listening to John Mayer, and watching re-runs of Friends on Netflix. Having planned various events and fundraisers for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other organizations throughout college, she has discovered a passion for event planning. Stephanie is excited to be a part of the event coordination team and to start her career with Bisnow.

Liz Baker

Event Producer

How did an aspiring opera singer find herself in the world of commercial real estate? Ask Liz, our Events Producer for Boston, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. Born in the greatest city in the world (New York, of course), she was surrounded by a perfect blend of arts, whimsy, and practicality growing up. Perhaps that’s why, when she grew so enamored by the stories behind opera during her tenure at Georgetown University that she jumped into the world of journalism, receiving her M.S. from the Columbia Journalism School the following year. Liz now lives in Arlington, VA and works in our D.C. office, where it could not be a better time to be a block away from the Capital One Arena (Go Caps!) As an Events Producer, Liz is always looking for the next narrative and story to tell. Ask her anything about transit-oriented development, Puccini, or leading wine tastings.

Jon Banister

Lead Reporter, Washington D.C.

Hailing from the city of champions (Boston, of course) this outspoken Patriots fan came to the University of Maryland to see what it was like to root for a losing team. During his time covering politics for the student newspaper, Jon scored two visits to the White House (and he didn't even have to jump the fence). College turned him into a dogged reporter who enjoys interviewing powerful people and churning out fun and engaging content. When he's not writing stories, Jon enjoys working out and exploring the outdoors. Interning in D.C., he fell in love with politics and the city's atmosphere, but it was the consistently reliable Metro that convinced him he couldn't leave (or maybe he's just stuck on the Red Line). Bisnow caught his attention with a Game of Thrones reference in the job posting and after learning more about this young innovative company he realized (much like Tyrion seeing the dragon in Meereen) that Bisnow is a one-of-a-kind place and an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

Brandon Best

Director, Technology

After graduating from “the resort,” aka Point Loma in San Diego with a degree in biochemistry, Brandon ignored his degree and taught himself web development. (There must be a biochemical reason that he did that, but he’s not interested in figuring it out.) Five years later, the switch paid off for us when we brought him on board to make sure that we’re at the cutting edge of the web. (Not the weird cutting edge stuff either.) During his free time, he fully embraces a Southwestern outdoor lifestyle of guns, backpacking, beach volleyball and skiing. (All at the same time, it’s a sight to behold.)

Natascha Bhuiyan

Director, European Events

From the land of soccer and beer, Natascha moved from Germany to the States right after graduating high school. Initially planning to stay just for a year, she fell in love with the Big Apple and decided to continue her studies at Columbia University, where she majored in International Relations, Political Science with the goal to make the world a better place (and that’s still on her agenda). Besides producing A’s at Columbia, Natascha spent most of her time working for tech-start ups, traveling, trying out the best places to eat (she is a foodie at heart) while figuring out how to become a millionaire. Debating whether or not to go back to Europe to attend grad-school, Bisnow presented a less boring alternative.

Miles Bloom

VP Creative, National Business Development

Meet Miles Bloom (No relation to Orlando, or Leopold for you literati). Miles comes to Bisnow by way of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office, by way of internships for Hillary Clinton and House Committee on Energy and Commerce, by way of Cornell University, by way of one of America’s many ‘Queen Cities,’ Buffalo, NY. We brought Miles on to coordinate events production because of the stellar work he did as social chair at his fraternity (that’s right, we have operatives everywhere). This lifelong baseball player and former golf instructor is an avid fan of Buffalo sports (which, at this point, can only be described as punishment on a cosmic scale). Miles Bloom: the man, the myth, the business manager.

Dean Boerner

Reporter, San Francisco

Originally from the Pacific Grove, CA, Dean moved two hours up the coast to the San Francisco Bay Area for college where he received his Bachelor's in economics and finance. While in school, he raised trouble with the campus newspaper for four years, first as sports editor and later as Editor-in-Chief, and he also worked as the play-by-play sportscaster for Saint Mary's College baseball. An avid NBA and MLB fan, Dean's passions include his Sacramento Kings and San Francisco Giants, as well as traveling and playing both kinds of golf (ball and disc).

Amanda Breit

People Operations Coordinator

Growing up in Long Island all her life, it was a no brainer for Amanda to return to New York after graduating from Penn State University. As a human development major, Amanda has always loved learning how to connect with and understand individuals. After trying out several different things, she quickly realized that her strength was people, and fell in love with recruitment. When Amanda isn’t absolutely obsessing over Shark Tank and Black Mirror, she’s probably traveling with her family (Iceland’s her favorite place so far), exploring comedy clubs around the city, or making conversation with strangers and baristas.

Terrance Brown

Ad Operations Manager

Born and raised in Erie, PA right on Lake Erie but currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He worked his way up and McClatchy Interactive from an ad trafficker into a business intelligence role, before a move to Upworthy where he led the ad operations unit for three years. Outside of work, he's a competitive flag football player and a Dallas Cowboys diehard.

Meagan Burelli

West Coast Delivery Account Manager

Chicago born and Charlotte (NC) raised, Meagan headed even further south to study Public Relations at the University of Alabama. After spending semester in Paris and developing a love for city life & delicious food with a strong distaste for humidity, she packed up and headed back to her roots in the Windy City. While in Chicago, she spent a lot of time working on events and knew this was the direction she wanted to go. You can now find her in Denver, boppin' around with her puppy Jelly Burelli or eating sushi at one of Denver's many delicious spots. She is ready to jump right into the thriving CRE community and join the small but mighty Denver Crew.

Chris Bushnell

Director, Northeast

This Connecticut transplant joins the NYC Bisnow team by way of Los Angles following an "illustrious" career as a signed recording artist and failed amateur instagram model. A graduate of Rollins College (where he "heard he had a good time"...), Chris brings a wide range of prior experience in commercial real estate. When he's not on the one's and two's, you can find him on the golf course (because what else do Connecticut Rollins grads do). His not-so-linear background brings a fresh perspective to the industry--a perfect fit in young, disruptive Bisnow family. Chris will be covering our Northeastern markets and working out of our NYC HQ.

Taylor Cain

Office Coordinator

Taylor was born & raised in Bayonne, New Jersey. Taylor has been working in the real estate industry for 9 years - from being a Residential Services Coordinator in property management at luxury high rise buildings, to a Director of Operations for a team of real estate agents, and their selling/buying agents. As a newborn baby, her first word wasn't "ma-ma" or "da-da", it was "Messy-yay" (Mark Messier, Let's Go Rangers!) When Taylor's not at work, you'll find her hiking, at a rock concert, off roading & getting muddy with fellow Jeep friends, or being a beach bum.

Toby Carling

Inside Sales Associate

Born in Hong Kong, but grew up predominantly in the UK. Toby went to the University of Exeter where he studied Business & Management. He is very outgoing and his two favorite things in life are socializing and traveling. His passion for real estate came after working in the student housing industry in Australia, one of his favorite parts of the world.

Tim Carroll

Assistant News Editor

As a person who makes his living writing and arranging words, a simple bio should be a breeze for Tim. But alas, his simultaneously self-aggrandizing and self-deprecating style can’t seem to agree. So, sticking to facts, Tim is the youngest of three children born to a pair of teachers from the South Side of Chicago. Tim said he would break the mold and go into journalism, not stick to the family business of education. After a few years in news — having broadcast from stadium press boxes, reported for weekly newspapers and tracked digital engagement in TV newsrooms — Tim found his way to Bisnow. And, as fate dictated, he moonlights as an adjunct journalism professor at his alma mater in Chicago.

Steven Chranowski

Inside Sales Associate

Steven was born in Texas and raised outside Trenton, New Jersey. He originally wanted to become a chiropractor or engineer like his parents, but decided to study economics at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Steven’s entire family are Scarlet Knights as both his parents went to Rutgers and his little brother is currently studying there while bartending at Steven’s favorite bar Old Queens Tavern. In his free time you can find Steven dancing the night away at EDM/techno shows, vacationing with family, going out with friends, or binge watching Netflix.

Andre Clark

AR Supervisor/Accounting Associate

Andre is born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. He moved from Jamaica to Florida in 2010 and has been on a journey to success ever since. He completed his Bachelors Degree in accounting at Florida Atlantic University. Prior to Bisnow, Andre left Florida and an "almost perfect dream job" as a Staff Accountant with the Broward Sheriff Office. He relocated to NYC and Bisnow found him shortly after. When Andre is not working, he is reading, listening to audios about financial market/money acquisition, and spending time with family.

Hunter Davis

Market Manager, Atlanta

Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Hunter started his journey to commercial real estate through channels of luxury clothing...of course. Working eight states in six years, meeting his wife Molly, and doing it all with a big ole smile on his face. Hunter enjoys playing golf whenever he can and he simplicity of the great outdoors with good company.

Catie Dixon

Managing Editor, Central U.S.

Catie dares you to sum her up any one way except perhaps eclectic. As a military brat, she was not born or raised anywhere. She started her Psychology degree in Okinawa, Japan, with plans to become a social worker, and finished it at Rice University with a job as a bartender and aspirations of becoming an editor. But now she's lived in Texas longer than most other places combined, so she considers herself a native. Catie's got a loving husband, sassy stepdaughter, three dogs (all lab mixes--that's a lot of chewing), and is partial owner of a BBQ joint outside of Austin. Stop on by, y'all, and bring your breaking news with you.

Sean Donahue

Director, Escape I Ascent

BBQ and World Series Championship baseball - that's what Kansas City does. Born and raised in the BBQ capital of Planet Earth, Sean has been a BBQ snob for his entire life. (Don't even think about bringing up Memphis or the Carolinas.) After growing up as a vagabond living in three different states, Sean decided to go abroad for college. He ventured to the great country of Texas, where he became a Horned Frog at TCU. Upon graduating with degrees in marketing, entrepreneurial management and country music, Sean had great aspirations to become an eskimo, so he decided to winter in Chicago. Unfortunately, he couldn't cut it at ice-fishing and wound up doing investment sales for Cushman & Wakefield and institutional sales for a CRE tech start-up. He attended so many Bisnow events throughout his career that he accidentally morphed into one of us. And yes, he still wears cowboy boots to meetings in the Big Apple. (And is often rightly judged for it.)

James Dutton

Technology Associate

James is a born and bred Long Islander, who has lived in Garden City his whole life. For some reason, this Long Islander chose to go to the University of Delaware. He chose UD because it “just felt right.” He graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors of Science degree in Management Information Systems, and a minor in Business Analytics. After school, he chose to move back home to Long Island and find a job in NYC. During his Delaware days one of the many things he missed was his mother’s amazing Italian cooking and for that reason he could not pass up the opportunity to move home and have regular meals with his family. During the weekends and outside of work, he has a passion for DJing and attempting to control the dance floor.

Cameron Edwards

Director, West Coast Operations

Originally from Laguna Beach, CA, Cameron moved to Malibu to attend Pepperdine University, where she received her B.S. in Business Administration. Born and raised in a beach city, it's hard to believe Cameron can count on her fingers and toes the number of times she has been in the ocean (she suffers from thalassophobia - fear of underwater animals). After a brief stint in Chicago following college, Cameron returned to LA (hoping to forget what snow looks like) and has worked as both an account manager and project manager. She has a daughter, Parker, born in 2015, and two French bulldogs named Moo and Stuart....a French Stuart? Get it?... Doesn't anybody remember 3rd Rock from the Sun?

Brandon Elsasser

Inside Sales Associate

Brandon is a native North Carolinian, born and raised in Charlotte. He went to school at North Carolina State University, a couple hours from home but still close enough to catch an occasional Panthers game. An avid Wolfpack fan, much to the detriment of his heart rate, he also likes the Atlanta Braves as he just can’t get enough of disappointing sports teams. He enjoys traveling to see friends who have scattered across the country, mostly to see new places but seeing his friends is ok, too. He’s always down to catch some live music regardless of band, or even genre, as long as he can grab something cold to drink in the process.

Marie Finnegan-Armstrong

Client Success Manager

After earning her English degree from Scranton and spending most of her life in Pennsylvania, Marie decided to move to DC for a change of pace. Well, seeing pace for the first time in her life might be the more accurate verb. (English major, remember.) She started her career at a small PR company in Fairfax, improving the images of various beauty products and services. Her goal is to support her awesome sales team in its mission to make it rain. (That's an idiom, more proof that Marie is using her degree.)

Tyler Fisher

VP, Sales

Noting a regrettable lack of abnormally tall gingers, we knew Tyler would be a good fit from the moment he walked in the door. Atop Tyler's extensive resume you will find the marks from his report cards in grades K-12 that read "too talkative." (Which means he must be somehow related to our CEO, Will Friend.)  Tyler prides himself on his ability to talk a dog off a meat truck or the paint off the wall. (Give him a call if you have any pesky wallpaper that won’t come down.) He also prides himself on his ability to use worn out clichés. Never one to be scared of picking up the phone or working through the night (he has a passionate hate for sleep), Tyler grinds night and day as one of Bisnow's Sales VP looking to grow Bisnow to the next logical step - world domination. (In a metaphorical sense… no need to dive into your emergency bunkers.)

Maggie Flynn

Delivery Account Manager

Born and raised in New York, Maggie decided to branch out and attend Indiana University where she was able to explore and appreciate the corn fields of Bloomington. If you’re ever wondering where she is, you can probably find her eating anything and everything potato. Although she doesn’t discriminate, her favorite form is, mashed potatoes. She actually has a 5x8 foot canvas of mashed potatoes hanging above her bed. Maggie couldn’t find her fix for mashed potatoes in Bloomington, so she decided to move back to the food capital, New York City. Not only is she excited for her future at Bisnow, but she can’t wait to continue her quest for finding the perfect mashed potato spot.

Frieda Freeman

Event Coordinator

Frieda was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and later moved to Orange County where she graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising. Frieda fell in love with event planning at a very young age, and after many event internships in college she knew this was the career for her. Frieda couldn't stay away from sunny California, and decided to pursue her event planning dreams and move to Los Angeles. She loves working with people and believes that life is all about experiences. When Frieda isn't planning events she is off traveling the world, hiking, finding new foods to taste, and going to concerts or watching her favorite movies.

Will Friend


Will was one of Bisnow's first employees and has had hands on experience in all of the Company’s key roles, including being made Chief Operating Officer in 2012, prior to his appointment as CEO in late 2014. Will has been instrumental in Bisnow's extraordinary growth; moving the head office to New York and building the firm to become one of Inc. 5000's fastest growing companies. Under Will’s leadership, the current management team, backed by The Wicks Group of companies, bought out the original founders in April 2016, setting the strategy for international expansion and the next chapter of Bisnow’s growth plan.

Yuliana Gorodetsky

VP, Finance

Yuliana originally from Kiev, Ukraine, moved to New York to explore the most captivating city in the world and adopt its insane lifestyle. She earned an MS in Accounting degree from Lubin School of Business, Pace University and received a CPA license. Her working career includes many exciting years at various media, entertainment, and fine arts businesses. Despite already taking a big leap of faith moving from Eastern Europe to America, Yuliana is still a passionate traveler. Her favorite thing to do is to explore history, culture and traditions of other countries and nations.

Michael Guimond

Market Director, Southern California

Mike Guimond was born and raised in New York City and plans on never leaving. Jokes: upon gaining admittance to New York University, Mike decided it was time to leave the nest and spend his freshman year abroad in Florence, Italy. An amazing experience, he spent only one year back in the Big Apple before returning to Europe to spend his junior year abroad in Berlin, Germany. With so many of his friends joking about his foreseeable ex-pat status in the future, Mike worked in our DC office for a year before deciding to relocate to Los Angeles to manage Bisnow's SoCal Operations.

Zak Guysenir

Market Director, Chicago

Zak was a Chicagoan for his first five years before his family settled in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona. After mourning the daily death of sports equipment at the hands of cacti, Zak attended The University of Colorado at Boulder. While earning his snowboarding degree, he realized that his ability to connect with all types of humans was, in fact, a career path. He boomeranged back to Chicago in 2010 and has since called it home. Virtually anything is on the conversational menu for Zak; world affairs, travel, philosophy, the Cubs and da Bears all rank as favorites. He avoids clichés, but regarding the concept of respect, he believes one needs to give it to get it.

Anya Hamid

Delivery & Events Manager, UK

With 6 years of event management experience, Anya really developed her skills while working in both agency and corporate settings in Dubai, UAE. These opportunities provided her with the capability to manage multiple events, marketing campaigns, budgets, deadlines, schedules, and programs for a very diverse demographic. After a little break from the events industry, Anya was itching to get back in to the thick of things so she decided to join the Bisnow team as Events & Account Manager UK & Ireland. When she has a free-minute, Anya can be found scouring the internet for good flight deals so she can travel the globe.

Jonathan Hobfoll

VP, Escape I Ascent

Our intrepid and affable VP of Escape and Ascent comes to Bisnow as an escapee of New York corporate law in the Great Recession. Jonathan's venturesome nature compelled him to sally forth from a cushy job running the Bisnow Chicago office to adventures beyond The Wall, establishing Bisnow's first international and most northern outpost in the Wilds of Canada (Toronto). As comfortable in the frontier as Kermit in a gif, he has settled there with his wilding wife Dana, running the Escape and Ascent retreats, which, curiously, are held exclusively in warm locales. He prefers red over white, sand over concrete, rich prose over non-fiction, and is fiercely opposed to pleated pants and thread counts south of 500.

Nadgeena Jerome

Event Producer

Nadgeena Jerome is an alumna of George Mason University, where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Communication. Nadgeena’s most recent position has been as a Digital Content Producer at News 12. Before that, she was a television presenter, producer and editor at 2M Media Group (2M) based in Washington, D.C., where she contributed her talents as a host for Interview 360. Before joining 2M, Nadgeena co-founded the entertainment news segment On The Couch at George Mason University, as well as worked in several broadcast environments, including for the local Fox 5 affiliate in New York and as a Video Journalism Fellow for Circa News. She is excited to share her forward-thinking approach to media and experience with others, grow her knowledge and understanding of real estate and network with industry leaders.

Tanner Johnson

Business Manager, Sales

Tanner Johnson is quality product from the cornfields of Jefferson, Wisconsin. As a lad he enjoyed catching fireflies and recess shenanigans. In the 4th grade his mother made him start piano lessons for structure and to diversify him for college. Thank goodness. After finally growing he departed from his small town to attend THE U of Denison to play baseball. He managed to receive his B.S. with a double major in Economics and Communication. A couple of Tanner’s fondest memories of college were sporting events and the Sunnies apartments. On the ball field, the kid could play, leaving Denison as an All-American and Player of the Year. Not a big deal. In his free time he likes to read playwrites and fine tune his mental edge. Tanner is a large advocate for the Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Bucks, even though claiming he likes the Chicago Cubs. Some say he may be a fraud. But, he likes dogs, so it's cool.

Adam Keith

Market Director, Dallas

Born and raised in South East London, Adam has always been a ken sportsman; representing his high school in Soccer, Rugby and Cricket. He started his working life as a Police Constable in Central London and then moved on to becoming a “Mens Grooming Expert” (which led to him appearing on The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent & GQ). This career path bought Adam to Dallas, Texas where he met his wife and decided to settle down. In Texas, Adam chose to start over or “re-tool”, and pursued a Management Degree at SMU. Once his studies were complete, Adam moved into sales of HVAC where he touched many commercial construction projects. Adam loves the thrill of new challenges, and meeting new people and can't wait to start his career with Bisnow in Dallas.

Brian Kinslow

VP, Sales

Brian graduated in 2009 from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where he majored in Food Marketing and minored in talking to every person he crossed paths with.  From there, he went to work in the fascinating and fast-paced world of produce for four years where lettuce and apples quickly became his best friends.  He serviced some of the largest companies in the world, worked on national product launches and spearheaded social media campaigns.  After finding that fruits and vegetables were not the best conversationalists, Brian found that his gift of gab would be a perfect fit at Bisnow.

Adam Knobloch

Director, Data Centers

Born and raised in Westchester, NY, Adam Knobloch joined Bisnow as the Director of Data Centers after having led event sales and strategy efforts in the CRE space for nearly a decade. Since 2012, he has found a significant passion for the Data Center and Technology sectors, while building a network of active followers across numerous asset classes in the US, Canada, and Ireland. In his role, Adam leads Bisnow's event and media strategy for the Data Center sector, expanding our event offerings to 12 markets. Adam also sits on the Telecom Exchange (TEX) Advisory Board, collaborating on content, speakers recommendations and event strategy. In his past life, Adam was a musician having toured the east coast, and was a frequent member of the NYC folk/indie rock music scene as the drummer for The Gantry. Adam earned his Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration at American University's Kogod School of Business, with a focus on Marketing and Public Relations.

Marc Lacognata

Strategic Account Manager

Marc is an unapologetic Sagittarius – obsessed with adventure and afraid of commitment. Since his first trip out of the country (hiking Machu Picchu), Marc has developed a genuine passion for traveling and exploring different cultures. After an unforgettable trip to Berlin during his freshman year, Marc decided he needed to stay there long-term. He enrolled at Freie Universität and spent a summer conducting auto-ethnographic research on the industrial depths of the queer, underground techno scene. Marc is obsessed with political art – specifically the works of Wolfgang Tillmans, Robert Mapplethorpe, and William Kentridge. He loves a good connection, and is excited to translate that energy into business development for Bisnow.

Hussain Masumi

Inside Sales Associate

Hussain's passion for sales and commercial real estate can be traced back to his dad, a first generation immigrant from Afghanistan, who shared his interests of new developments in Dallas, TX with Hussain and a young age. After leaving Dallas, he moved to Fayetteville, AR to attend the University of Arkansas (Go Hogs!) where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Finance with a concentration in real estate. During his time at Arkansas, Hussain established himself as a co-founder of a wine accessory company and a 4.96 star Uber driver (we'd give him a 5). Outside of the office, Hussain cheers for the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, and the Texas Rangers (incase you forgot where he was from). Most importantly, Hussain prides himself on being an investigator and organizer of engaging conversations, connecting with people from all backgrounds.

Riley McDermid

West Coast Editor

Riley has written and edited for the Associated Press, American City Business Journals, the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. Her past beats have included structured finance, tech, real estate, banking and dark pools. Riley is an alumna of Ole Miss and Northern California native.

Ellie Meyer

Senior Event Coordinator

Ellie was born and raised in Kansas City and graduated from the University of Missouri (MIZ!) with a degree in business and a love for SEC football. Through multiple internships and experiences, Ellie fell in love with event planning. She moved to NYC immediately after graduation to work in the special events department for the New York Mets, but her true sports loves have always been the Royals and the Chiefs! Outside of work, Ellie is an avid reader (she read 51 books in 2019), foodie, and reality TV junkie.

Charlie Mitelhaus

Inside Sales Associate

Charles David Mitelhaus II or as most people call him, Charlie, was born in sunny San Diego, California but moved to Longmont, Colorado before preschool. Charlie considers himself a Colorado native as that is all he has ever known. After publishing his first book in eighth grade and using the proceeds from the book sales to benefit those affected in Haiti from the earthquake in 2010, Charlie knew then that he had found a passion for helping people. A recent graduate from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, Charlie majored in journalism and minored in sport management while having fun both inside and outside of the classroom. He values quality sleep, good food and is a competitor who takes no mercy, no matter if he's playing sports or board games. Charlie and his younger brother/best friend Will grew up as avid WWE fans who would have ladder matches in their living room. Aside from a few scrapes, bumps and bruises along the way, Charlie usually came out victorious.

Christie Moffat

Reporter, Houston

Christie was born on the Gold Coast and raised in Sydney, Australia. Miraculously, she survived both the snakes and spiders. A graduate of the University of New South Wales, Christie spent much of her misguided youth wandering the world, looking for adventure. Then she moved to Texas. A self-proclaimed science fiction nerd, sleep connoisseur and dinosaur enthusiast, Christie has been known to keep a folder of carefully-selected memes on her desktop (in case of emergencies). She has also been known to prefer the company of household pets at parties. Since relocating to Houston, Christie has developed a love for the US National Parks system and is quite obsessed with venturing out to hike, camp and explore as many as possible. Her current favorite is Canyonlands National Park, chiefly because it looks like another planet. When she is not watching YouTube videos of friendly belugas (or other sea creatures; she does not discriminate), Christie can be found lurking in a bookshop – usually in the aisle with the books about spaceships.

Sophie Molzan

Event Producer

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I’m what you call a loyal “Houstonian”. With the exception of moving away for one year for school, I’ve lived in Houston my entire life. I graduated from the University of Houston in 2017 with a Bachelor of Business Administration & Marketing from the Bauer School of Business (GO COOGS!). I then went on to work in Marketing & Communications for a restaurant group and then a real estate brokerage. In my free time, I love traveling, especially to places with really great food! I also enjoy running, spoiling my two dogs Bob Marley and Bob Dylan ( I was 12 when I named them and thought it was incredibly clever), and baking. My mom is a pastry chef, so I’ve grown up around baking and now love to do it as an adult!

Ethan Montero

Business Manager, Northeast Sales

Ethan was born and raised in Manhattan and has lived in Greenwich Village his entire life. After traveling to the lands of Colorado and Florida to pursue a collegiate education, Ethan found myself missing the hustle and bustle of New York City (but we like to tell people that he missed his summer internship with us the most). He returned to finish school locally and pursue the many opportunities that lie within The Big Apple. Being raised in a family that is predominately made up of Commercial Real Estate Professionals, Ethan found his home with our Bisnow team back in 2015 and we hope he never leaves!!

Andrew Nathanson

Director, Product & Operations

Originally from Purchase, NY, Andrew studied architecture and design at Connecticut College before returning home to New York City. Before joining Bisnow in 2017, he led the breaking news social media team at International Business Times and ran social media strategy at Time Inc.'s automotive publication, The Drive. Andrew has lived multiple lives at Bisnow, shifting from Editorial to Audience Development to Delivery Operations. These days, Andrew's focus is making sure digital products go from "sale to send" and event products go from "sale to stage." In the little time that's left, Andrew is a photographer, goes to lectures put on by Open House New York and the New York Transit Museum, and watches documentaries about logistics.

Austin Owens

Inside Sales Associate

Austin was born and raised in Southern Maryland and attended the California University of Pennsylvania where he was a third generation student, joining his grandma, mother, father, and sister as alumni. He received a Bachelors in Business Administration with Concentrations in Marketing and Management while graduating from the University Honors Program and was a proud member of the Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) fraternity. A team player through and through, he enjoys playing slow pitch softball, and also enjoys golf, watching Pittsburgh sports, fishing, reading, playing cards, and meeting new people. He is an avid lover of music without a very good voice and was able to get through Avengers Endgame without showing too much emotion. Austin was an experienced intern and is very excited to be joining the Bisnow team in New York as he is looking forward to new experiences at a place where he can see personal growth.

Ben Paltiel

Custom Content Writer

Ben hails from the one true home of east coast pizza, New Haven, Connecticut. After a brief stint working in PR in Chicago, he’s back to doing what he does best: writing. At Yale, Ben sang with the world-famous Whiffenpoofs, and the less world-famous but equally ridiculous-sounding Spizzwinks(?). You could ask him about the time that he walked from Georgia to Maine, but he probably already brought it up.

Kerri Panchuk

Reporter, Dallas and Ft. Worth

Kerri arrived at Bisnow after spending three years as a civil litigation attorney for the Law Offices of William Chu in the Dallas-Fort Worth area—and after working for more than a decade as a business journalist for two separate trade publications focused on commercial mortgage-backed securities and residential real estate. Kerri has spent her entire life in Dallas-Fort Worth and has watched the North Texas economy and real estate sector grow exponentially over the course of the past two decades. She remembers her hometown of Plano—once surrounded by empty fields of hay—morph into home to dozens of major corporate headquarters, retail developments, and luxury office complexes. A homegrown resident of Plano, Texas, Kerri is a graduate of Texas Tech University and the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. Kerri returned to business journalism (lucky for us, with Bisnow!) with a renewed interest in how commercial real estate development and population growth continue to reshape the Dallas area and surrounding suburbs.

Mike Ponticelli

VP, Sales

A graduate of GW (assuming its officials still haven't uncovered the mistake), Mike has worked at many trades: Event planner, bartender, accountant, delivery boy for the Washington Post, and a US-Russian affairs analyst. He even built and managed a local laundry service that’s still around (as much of his personal laundry also appears to be). Mike follows current events, dining and beverage trends, and all other aspects of modern urban life related to food. He loves everything about Washington, although we have not yet had the heart to tell him it is not on a beach.

Lauren Popp

Director, Ad Operations

Lauren grew up in the vast desert of Georgia before settling into the jagged valleys of active volcanoes of Tennessee. (We’re pretty bad at topography so that might be slightly inaccurate.) At Bisnow, Lauren keeps the ship running for editorial and advertising, all while raising three kids and a chocolate labrador. (When asked who is more demanding, us or the children, she answered, “No comment.”)  We’re so glad she puts up with us, because we would be completely lost without her!

Lloyd Proctor

Event Producer

Lloyd was raised in the city of Seattle near the downtown area. Developing his technical skills as a web developer at Washington State University, he learned how to incorporate his Bachelor's degree in digital technology to manage different project types, while also using 3D modeling software to design different construction plans in commercial real estate. As he navigated the technical field completing different projects, he decided to direct his attention back to commercial real estate at Bisnow. When Lloyd is not working, he is playing the cello, designing, or learning more about development in the technical space.

Tiffany Roman

Senior Accountant

Tiffany Roman was born and raised in New York City. She majored in business management. Soon after she graduated, she started working in the finance department for a small art storage company in Chelsea (NYC). During her time there, she held several roles working in accounts receivable, accounts payable and HR. As the company grew, she focused on the accounts payable role and soon became manager of that department. When traveling, she is happiest when she is dropped in one place and is free to explore.

Ethan Rothstein

East Coast Editor

Hailing from the suburbs of New York, Ethan realized he wanted to be a journalist when he was in high school. He spent so much of his time reading about, watching, and discussing sports that it seemed like a good idea to learn how to write about it. (Just read Peter King... and do the opposite.) Ethan went to the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill School of Journalism, and his four years in College Park got him on press row and in print. It even got him (briefly) stonewalled by UMD's athletic department (swim coaches can be so sensitive). He's spent the years since college going from the beaches and farms of southern Delaware to Northern Virginia, where he's written about everything from chicken manure to public urination (they're not glamorous beats, but someone has to cover them). Ethan plays, writes about and watches sports nearly constantly in his free time, mostly basketball and ultimate frisbee.

Matt Ruland

Escape & Ascent Curator

Football, fitness, and food; that’s how Matty does it. A Maryland guy through and through, Matt spent his college years in the equipment room for Maryland Football, losing 100 pounds, and earning a degree in Being-A-Great-Dad...I mean Family Science. After graduation, he joined Head Football Coach James Franklin’s newly formed staff at Vanderbilt University. Matt was livin’ the dream in Nashville, immersed in a world of nothing but SEC football and country music.. Alas, like all dreams, the alarm went off…it was time to chase his own dream. And if one is taking for himself, he must give to others. Matt jumped out of the football world and began working at the Regional Institute for Children & Adolescents (RICA) in Rockville, MD while training for an Ironman. Then on July 24, 2016 Matt swam, biked and ran his way through Ironman Lake Placid. Between the race and walking through our doors IronMatt filled his time with pints of ice cream and his black lab, Bodie.

Tom Russo

Copy Editor

Tom was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, the son of a police officer and a teacher. (You will learn when tutored by an educator and a man with a gun!) He left home to attend college in upstate NY, where he learned that both Lake Ontario and mustaches can freeze if it gets cold enough. Upon realizing he would never be a standup comic (lots of stage fright and very little talent), he set out to become the next Edward R. Murrow. Stints at radio stations and newspapers in VA, MD and DE led to the realization that was a joke, so Tom caved to his lifelong love of reading. In his spare time, he enjoys tsundoku, randomly throwing impressive words into sentences, finding new comics on YouTube, pondering the great questions of the universe (is copy editor one word or two?), and seeking a good lawyer to sue Larry the Cable Guy for stealing the term "witless protection" in 2008 without even offering tickets to the movie, let alone royalties.

Kim Schell

Market Manager, Houston

Kim was born in Flushing, New York and come from many generations of New Yorkers.  It was a culture shock when she first moved to Houston, Texas in the late 70's but can now say Y'all with the best of them. Kim graduated from the University of Houston with a BBA in Marketing and has worked in media her entire life. Kim played and coached soccer for many years and even spent a summer in England playing in tournaments. The oldest of three girls, she now has two sons (the first born Texans in her family), a husband and three male rescue dogs.

Jarred Schenke

Lead Reporter, Atlanta

Bisnow went back to find our Atlanta reporter. Waaay back. As in the 1980’s back. As far as we can tell, Jarred has not left the decade of pastel colored sport coats and crazy, wavy hair, and will regularly challenge all to 80s music trivia fights (we try not to provoke him). Outside of having the largest collection of cassette and VHS tapes in Atlanta, Jarred has been steeped in Atlanta media for more than a decade, most of the time focused on commercial real estate. You can also find Jarred spittin’ out lyrics with our Data Center and Denver newsletters.

Gretchen Severns

Event Coordinator

Growing up an upstate New Yorker (GO BILLS!) and receiving her B.A in Vocal Performance from the University at Buffalo, Gretchen set her sights on somewhere at *little* warmer and has been a DC native for the past 13 years. With 10 years of event experience in the DMV area, Gretchen is excited to bring her passion and knowledge of DC to the Bisnow team. When Gretchen is not planning events, you can find her traveling the globe with her husband, family and friends, going to concerts, hosting dinner parties or being the lady rockstar of her band, White Ford Bronco.

Casey Sheehan

Business Manager, DC

Casey was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, but decided to shake things up when he traveled down south to attend Texas Christian University. He received his undergrad degree in Business Marketing in December and came back to DC to join our sales team there. Casey has a passion for traveling and exploring new and unique places, no matter where in the world that might take him. One day, for no apparent reason, Casey completed an 11-pound bacon cheeseburger food challenge. While he is not particularly proud of this moment, he feels it properly displays his tenacity and will to never give up no matter how tough a situation might be. When not at the office, you might find Casey riding around DC on his bike or listening to music while sipping on an iced coffee.

Stephanie Smith

Business Manager, SoCal

Stephanie joined our NYC office after spending her first three years of post-grad in DC, working for the pro soccer team DC United. Prior to that, she played four years of college ball at UMBC in Baltimore. Having grown up in Maryland, moving to NYC was always a dream. With a strong competitive background, and a knack for sales, Stephanie led our inside sales team to victory in 2018 before moving to Los Angeles to assist with our expansion across Southern California.

Jack Thomson

Inside Sales Associate

Jack was born in Greenwich, Connecticut and moved to London, England as an eight-year old. Along with his sister, he attended and graduated from an international school high school in a small English village where he was passionate about traveling, music and lacrosse. Jack was keen on attending a university with international exposure and landed on The George Washington University in D.C., where he majored in Economics and minored in History - concentrating on the Cold War. His interest in real estate began after taking an urban economics course at GW and is looking to deepen his commercial real estate knowledge this summer. In his free time, Jack can be found hanging out with friends, investigating the best mexican restaurants in New York City, going to Yankee games, and making new memories.

Julia Troy

Custom Content Writer

Julia Troy is from Providence, Rhode Island, so she is very overwhelmed by the prospect of having to drive more than 15 minutes to get where she’s going. She graduated from Emerson College in Boston in 2011 and has been writing online content professionally ever since, focusing specifically on real estate since 2015. When she’s not tracking the latest real estate trends, Julia can be found at the movies or listening to her record collection, which most closely resembles a collection put together by someone born in the 1950s.

Chris Wainwright

Vice President, Event Production

Who is this dude? Man, myth, or unstoppable robot-ninja? We think the latter. Standing at 77 inches short, Chris played basketball his whole life with little regard for his knee.  After tearing his ACL three times he was forced away from the game and into the loving arms of Bisnow.  Chicken finger connoisseur, workout fiend, mustache enthusiast, and dog lover, Chris takes a balanced life to a whole new level, reaching for the stars while keeping his feet steady on the ground (yeah, he's that tall). Unfortunately Chris can only type 200 words per minute while the world record is 216 words as set by Stella Pajunas in 1946- but other than that great flaw, Chris does it all.

Gabriella Walling

Event Marketing Manager

Gabby is a retired high school athlete (soccer and basketball) as of 2013. She now channels her competitive spirit towards backpacking, boardgames and whatever that can be spun as a competition. A recent graduate of Harding University, Gabriella graduated top of her class with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She's a big dreamer and believes anything can be accomplished with some grit, communication and a smile. If you want to get her on your good side chocolate soy milk is the way to her heart.

Emily Weissman

Delivery Account Manager

Born and raised in Tampa, FL, Emily lived the relaxing and sunny Florida life. Trading in the sun for snow, Emily decided to attend Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) where she received her degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management and a Minor from the Kelley School of Business. After spending two summers in the Big Apple, Emily decided this is where she wanted to be. She went abroad to Tel Aviv, Israel where she found her love for food. Lets just say hummus and pita can be quite addictive. She searches for it everywhere in New York and will continue to do so as she starts a new exciting chapter in her life at Bisnow.

Tom Woodcock

Market Manager, Seattle & Portland

Tom hails from rainy, windswept England, which he left for the promise of adventure and sunshine on America's west coast. After traveling and working with NGOs all over the world, fighting wildfires and playing guitar for anyone who'd listen, he settled in NYC mid 2013. After a few years in the city that never sleeps, Tom took his talents to a new corner of the country and has been covering Bisnow's Seattle & Portland markets. You can find him in a coffee shop or a fun happy hour, meeting new people and making new friends.