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With New Focus On Pre-Construction, You Need Your Electrician In Early


The electrical and construction industries are focusing on the pre-construction phase of development, and REX Electric & Technologies’ Electrical Division EVP of Operations, Mike Bosco, says clients should take notice if they want to save time, money and stress on their next project.

New technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) (pictured) help Rex Electric create a 3D model of the planned electrical system, which aids their electricians with the design intent and allows for accurate installation. BIM also allows Rex to reduce costly field changes and avoid coordination conflicts that eat up time and budget. Rex can create precise plans for labor and material needs. But none of this can occur if clients don’t include their electrical contractor in their pre-design meetings.

Getting the correct light fixtures, for example, can take eight to 10 weeks, which can be a problem for shorter builds. Additionally, builders need to remember that all the different kinds of lights—from fluorescent to LED—have their own unique control systems that can be intricate, with multiple dimmer switches and even sensors that take in the level of sunlight.

“It’s not just flipping a switch that turns your lights on anymore,” Mike says. "A simple conversation and coordination between all contractors and subcontractors can make any problem go away."

Everyone at REX Electric prides himself on the firm's ongoing relationships with clients, Mike says, but these relationships need communication with the client along every step of the project, including design. Involving companies like Rex early on grants you not only helpful coordinating tools like BIM, but also the expertise to streamline the project schedule, lower costs and waste, and provide your development with the highest-quality and most impressive electrical systems.

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