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With Enodo’s Platform, Value-Add Investors And Brokers Can Turn Data Into Action


Predictive analytics platform Enodo has entered public beta. In preparation for its commercial launch, the company opened up its real estate tech for the CRE community to test drive

Enodo Chief Operating Officer Thomas Delaney said the initial public release is geared toward multifamily value-add investors and brokers, as they are the most active with current portfolio properties and new investment opportunities. The platform gives owners and investors the ability to interact with a property to instantly see the impact of any building- or unit-level amenity on rent. Brokers can also instantly pull rent surveys and prospect future cash flow potential for their clients.

The initial release of the platform includes sections for building characteristics, unit-level amenities and comparable properties. Bisnow signed up for a free demo of the Software as a Service, SaaS, to find out firsthand the potential of what Enodo can offer.

Building Characteristics

A demo of the Enodo building characteristics page

“Users can simulate value-add scenarios, changing physical attributes without affecting the actual property, to see the potential impact of their investment decisions,” Delaney said. “Investors and brokers can determine a property’s investment potential within a few clicks of a mouse.”

Unit Mix

The platform gives users the ability to simulate the value of adding a rooftop deck, or upgrading the unit appliances to stainless steel, while pulling in updated comparable properties as they toggle. The ability to analyze what is and what could be, by intimately understanding the competitive landscape of a market, provides users the 360-degree view they need to make better investment decisions.


A demo of the Enodo platform

“What is the highest and best use of a set budget?” Delaney said. “What changes can I make to increase revenue for this building? Enodo shows users what actions to take, statistically, rather than relying on intuition."

The platform has over 100 active beta users, with a growing list of users signing up for an introduction to the platform. The team expects to receive enough feedback to ready the CRE tool for a commercial release in early fall. 

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