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Three Ways Technology Can Boost Communication On The Job Site

The Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago

While building materials might stay largely the same, the construction process has evolved over the past several years, largely due to the introduction of on-site mobile technology. As schedules and budgets tighten, contractors have had to walk a tightrope between efficiency and completing a high-quality finished product. Punch lists, Excel spreadsheets and email have been replaced with centralized apps for transparent reporting, real-time updates and efficient task management. 

Here are three ways technology is changing job-site logistics.

Transparent Reporting

The Bridgit Closeout app on a mobile device

When stakeholders hand over the project reins to the general contractor, they expect to be kept in the loop about progress and issues at all times. From developers and owners at the top of the chain, to the subcontractors for each step of the process, tracking work and reporting on progress helps keep job site communication transparent. By using a smartphone app, project managers can compile a running list of data that can be analyzed and formatted into reports with the push of a button.  

Construction apps can let managers know immediately when employees arrive on-site. That same technology can be used to track building materials, approve construction schedules, record on-site issues and mark when the work is complete, all within one app. The accumulated data could also provide insight into how the project is progressing and whether it will stay under budget.

Real-Time Updates

Bridgit Closeout on a desktop and mobile device

Communication is the linchpin of an efficient job site. Construction apps allow information to be tracked automatically, without wasting time with manual inputs and multiple tools.

Mobile platforms can shift from typing on an office computer keyboard to taps on a smartphone from anywhere on-site. Project managers can update the punch list in real time and assign work to the correct subcontractor immediately. When workers are able to access and edit information on-site, they have the most up-to-date information available.

If a task needs to be scheduled immediately, like postponing work after a backlog on materials, project managers can be sure their subcontractors receive the notice. The information is always there and always up-to-date.

Efficient Task Lists

Bridgit Closeout founders Mallorie Bordie and Lauren Lake

Seamless delegation of tasks and sharing status updates between subcontractors and project managers can mean the difference between a property that is finished on time and one that is delayed and filled with unresolved problems.

Bridgit Closeout, available for both residential and commercial developments, allows project managers to sift through various projects, manage task lists and create reports by specific task types. The app creates a more efficient system for task management, quality control documentation and trade damage reports.

ARCO/Murray, a Chicago-based construction company with over 20 years of experience in the industry, used Bridgit Closeout while building Centrum 606.

“At ARCO/Murray, we place a high value on technology and tools that add value and help us deliver the best client experience,” ARCO/Murray Director of Business Development Josh Przyborowski said. “The Bridgit app streamlines our punch list process and provides significant time savings, while also enhancing our communication with subcontractors."

Centrum 606 is a luxury multifamily development in Bucktown, an area of Chicago known for attracting young professionals. The property not only features high-end amenities like a fitness center, a resident lounge and a children's playroom, but also incorporates technology among its lux finishes and appliances. Residents can access the building using their smartphones.

On a multifamily project, such as Centrum 606, utilizing the Bridgit app allowed ARCO/Murray to meticulously plan and document its closeout process, providing real-time visibility and performance tracking through project completion. 

"Task management is just the beginning for our users," Bridgit co-founder Lauren Lake said. "They're also using Bridgit Closeout as a quality control tool for luxury developments with high-end finishes and appliances. Attention to detail is critical in these projects, and our software is helping them to make sure nothing is missed."

That goes down to a unit-to-unit level.

"Bridgit Closeout lets you focus in on one floor, unit or area of your project at a time, allowing general contractors and owners to report on the finishes of each individual space," Lake said. 

Using Bridgit Closeout, contractors have more control in reporting and managing on-site construction progress, all in real time. 

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