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This Startup Was A 'Tremendous Fit' For This Year's Harvard Real Estate Conference



Enodo Score's post-accelerator life is off to a fast start. So fast, it's already earning rave reviews from arguably the bastion of business expertise, Harvard University.

"At this year's Harvard Real Estate Conference, someone offered to buy us during the Q&A portion," Enodo Score chief technology officer Marc Rutzen tells Bisnow. The startup is a patent-pending predictive analytics platform that objectively quantifies the investment potential of multifamily investment properties.

"The audience laughed as if it was a joke, but he continued to ask. He was serious."

Marc and his team are not quite ready to sell just yet, but the impression it's making on the industry is palpable.

"Enodo Score was a tremendous fit for this year’s conference," says Harvard Real Estate Review editor John Lee. "The event focused on leadership and entrepreneurship. Many of the attendees enjoyed Marc's presentation, which highlighted the disruptive potential of predictive analytics in real estate."

Marc is also featured as a guest critic in an upcoming Harvard Real Estate Review issue.

The company's angel investors, Susan Tjarksen and Lee Kiser, praised Marc's presentation, saying he "brought the house down."

Now the goal is to wow the industry at large. 

The rest of 2016 will be dedicated to signing up beta testers. Over 225 companies have signed up for this trial period thus far.

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