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GlenStar's Newest Tenants: Honeybees

Honeybee hives at GlenStar property

Landlords frequently look for new ways to show tenants that their buildings are environmentally sound. GlenStar demonstrated its commitment to sustainability last week by welcoming thousands of new residents — honeybees — to its Bannockburn Lakes and Schaumburg Corporate Center complexes.

In conjunction with Alvéole, a Canada-based urban beekeeping company, GlenStar installed beehives at each property, making it the latest property owner to join the urban beekeeping movement

“Honeybees work to pollinate our cities and by hosting a hive, we are not only contributing to local biodiversity, but also creating mutually beneficial relationships between our community and our environment,” Bannockburn Lakes General Manager Dave Brannigan said.

Climate change, the widespread use of pesticides, habitat loss and parasites have sent the world’s population of bees into a dramatic tailspin. That could severely impact fruit, vegetable and nut production, and send food prices soaring.

“Urban beekeeping creates alternatives: local honey, garden pollination throughout and overall perennial greening,” Alvéole’s Shelby Schulman said.

“Our focus today is on tenant engagement and building a sense of community at each of our properties,” Schaumburg Corporate Center General Manager Sheree Worcester said. “Hosting beehives is just one of the many offerings in our overall program.”

GlenStar owns properties throughout both the Chicago suburbs and the Central Business District, and by the end of 2019 will have invested more than $200M repositioning and modernizing office spaces.