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Prepare Your Building for a Flying Wallenda

This weekend Nik Wallenda, a seventh-generation member of the famed circus act the Flying Wallendas, will tightrope walk across the Chicago River. We asked a property manager what that means for the buildings involved.


“Whenever an event of such magnitude takes place, which puts your building and city in such an international spotlight, professional property managers intuitively get to work on the issues surrounding their property’s participation,” Behringer Harvard VP Mike Reilly, above, tells us. (In this case, Wallenda’s walking two-plus city blocks between the Marina City west tower and the Leo Burnett Building, then from the west tower to the east tower.)


Here's Nik, above, walking Niagara Falls. Issues Mike would consider: insurance, indemnification and hold harmless agreements, and physical implications for the properties (i.e., method of any attachments, roof protection, etc.) to ensure physical integrity for the building. You also have the event staffing component, media interface, tenant impact, and how to capitalize from a real estate marketing perspective. If anyone involved is reading, Mike’s on the hunt for a front row seat.