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Your Daily Yiddish


We asked for Yiddish-isms and you answered. LM Commercial Real Estate director Jim Degnan is an Irish Catholic with a married son (pictured). One day, he was visiting with two younger unmarried people in his office who were Jewish. The conversation turned to Yiddish. “I astounded my friends when I proclaimed that I was more Jewish than they were because I had machatunim (in-laws) and they didn’t,” Jim jokes. As Billy Crystal says, “Yiddish, a great language. It’s a cross between German and phlegm.”

LM Commercial's brokerage division is enjoying strong momentum, Jim says, and growing with the addition of experienced industrial, retail and office brokers. At the same time, he is building a team with commercial sales experience and an interest in commercial real estate. Things may be busy, but there's always time for humor, Jim says.