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Top Post-Work Cocktail Spots in Chicago: Part I

    Top Post-Work Cocktail Spots in Chicago: Part I

    You've had a long day at the negotiating table and need to unwind with co-workers or the client. Where to go that has stiff drinks with a side of edge and a twist of trendy? Here’s Part 1 of our handy guide to where to grab a cocktail after punching out for the day.

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    1) The Aviary

    Bar: The Aviary

    Address: 955 W Fulton Market, Fulton Market

    Signature: Owned by Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, it creates breathtaking, theatrical pieces of cocktail art just like Alinea does with haute cuisine.

    Also known for: Its invite-only basement speakeasy, The Office. Pro tip: you can now reserve a four-course food/drink experience downstairs on the website.

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    2) The Berkshire Room

    Bar: The Berkshire Room

    Address: 15 E Ohio St, River North

    Signature: Dealer’s Choice. You choose the spirit, profile and glassware, and for $14 your bartender mixes you your next go-to cocktail.

    Also known for: Its old school meets new school digs within the Acme Hotel. (The new school clearly influencing cocktail names, like the tequila-based “Swipe Right.”)

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    3) The Betty

    Bar: The Betty

    Address: 839 W Fulton Market, Fulton Market

    Signature: A Mad Men vibe with a side of neighborhood intimacy. Try the sherry-based “A Cobbler” if you like sweet or “Last Man Standing” if it’s getting late and you need a coffee-based kick in the pants.

    Also known for: Laid-back seating for any situation, from private tables for two to comfy chairs and couches to the polished, lengthy bar.

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    4) The Brass Monkey

    Bar: The Brass Monkey

    Address: 401 N Morgan St, Fulton Market

    Signature: This ‘70s-themed playground takes up an entire city block and the owner, Untitled’s Marc Bushala, admits to inspiration from American Hustle.

    Also known for: Record players, disco ball-ish light fixtures and an upcoming distillery. Try “Tang” (pictured) and travel back in time with vodka, lemon, spiced pear and cherry heering.

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    5) The Drifter

    Bar: The Drifter

    Address: 676 N Orleans St, River North

    Signature: A cocktail menu designed and printed on tarot cards (pictured), with the deck changing daily. Gives new meaning to “what’s in the cards” for your evening.

    Also known for: Its historic neighbor, Green Door Tavern. The Drifter’s basement space, built in 1872, has an even more covert, cozy feel.