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This Interactive Map Charts Where TODs Can Be Built

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KIG data analytics officer Marc Rutzen, who previously charted 10 years of Chicago demolition and construction permits, created an interactive TOD map that shows the areas where developers can most easily build TODs. It's a tool that'll become especially useful when Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed changes to Chicago's TOD ordinance come into effect: They're aimed at making it easier for developers to build near bus and train stations, and along pedestrian-designated streets in business districts.


The yellow areas are official TOD boundaries. The blue dots are CTA rail stations. Purple dots indicate Metra rail stations, while P-streets are designated in green. As you can see, the north side is ripe for TOD development, especially along the Green Line in River West and West Town, on the Blue Line's O'Hare branch, and along the north branch of the Red Line.


The South and especially the Southwest sides are another matter. Not only does this indicate the lack of development in these parts of town, it also exposes the limits of CTA's rail system. Residents in these lower-income areas are more reliant on cars to move about the city. Another note about the map: Chicago Cityscape's Steven Vance believes KIG didn't account for the complexities of the TOD ordinance. Still, if you're looking for where to build a TOD, this is a solid resource.