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The 5 Best Butchers in Chicago

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    The 5 Best Butchers in Chicago

    Carl Sandburg famously called Chicago the "hog butcher to the world" and grilling season has arrived in Chicago. The Meatpacking District may be a shadow of its former self but these butchers still know how to please your inner carnivore. Visit them for your favorite sausages and chops, and discover parts of the cow or pig that are just as tasty.

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    Olympia Meats

    Olympia Meats

    Where: 810 W Randolph

    What to expect: You’ll find more cuts of red meat than you’ll know how to cook at this family-owned Randolph Street mainstay. Olympia makes its own sausages, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the prices are among the cheapest in town. This place also stocks plenty of poultry, if you’re in the mood for beer can chicken.

    Nearby developments: The Randolph Street restaurant district is spitting distance from some of the most anticipated developments in the West Loop, particularly 1K Fulton, the future Google Chicago HQ.

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    Publican Quality Meats

    Where: 825 W Fulton Market

    What to expect: Chef Paul Kahan earned a James Beard award for his work with pork, and this Fulton Market shop stocks a plethora of organic and sustainable pork and beef for your grills and smokers. If you don't have to go anywhere, order a sandwich and dine in.

    Nearby development: PQM is a couple of blocks north of Olympia in the heart of the Randolph-Fulton District.

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    Gepperth's Meat Market

    Gepperth's Meat Market

    Where: 1964 N Halsted

    What to expect: Walk into a time warp at this Lincoln Park shop that's been carving livestock and making sausages for over 100 years. Step out of your comfort zone and order some wild game; Gepperth's stocks ostrich, alligator, venison, boar and elk.

    Nearby development: The area is normally known for giant residential mansions. The opening of a new 15k SF Walgreen's at 834 W Armitage had tony boutique owners up in arms.

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    Paulina Meat Market

    Paulina Meat Market

    Where: 3501 N Lincoln

    What to expect: Cozy, homey service from one of Chicago's oldest of old school butchers. Paulina stocks tons of pork, veal and poultry sausages. It recently held "Hot Doug's Appreciation Day" in honor of the now-closed popular hot dog stand.

    Nearby development: Centrum Partners recently completed construction of a TOD apartment complex next to the Paulina Brown Line "L" station.

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    Beograd Meat Market

    Beograd Meat Market

    Where: 2033 W Irving Park Rd

    What  to expect: Beograd is home to the best cevap in Chicago. A minced meat sausage made from 50% beef, 25% lamb and 25% pig, you haven't seized a Chicago summer until you've thrown at  least a dozen of these on a grill and down your throat.


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