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DRESL Winter Classic

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We visited the fun-loving folks of DRESL last Friday at Gamekeepers after they took to the fields for the Fifth Annual DRESL Winter Classic. Here are the newest members of the DRESL Hall of Fame, posing with the powers that be: US Equities' Drew Nieman, Golub's Lee Golub, Corporate Realty Advocates' Richie Klein (the benevolent commish), JLL's Michael Burns, and retired Tishman alum Bill Lawrence. Cresa Chicago's Brad Metzger was stuck in Phoenix (jealous much?) and a coworker accepted in his behalf.


Here are the almost 50 crazies who showed up, including Bunker the dog in the front row. Three three-inning games were played with Golub winning the Winter Classic Championship.  Free flowing drinks, pizza, Richie's jokes, and a raucous crowd got us amped for the summer season!